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The eyelets used are made from a strong plastic which is fitted with a gasket to ensure that it will not twist or slip on the fabric. The benefit of plastic over metal is two fold. The outer edge of metal eyelets can cut into the fabric over time as the fabric moves in wind, and of course plastic will not rust or make rust marks on the fabric


The fabric used to make our awnings is made from a reinforced grid sandwiched between 2 layers of clear plastic. This gives an extremely strong, rip resistant, waterproof, rotproof finish that lets over 70% of the light through meaning that your awning will be brighter inside compared to conventional awning rooms


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The end panels are simple to fit as they are hug on an extending pole which is fitted in a similar way to a rafter bar. The extending bar has a non slip foot  on either end and the bar sits between the front and rear of the awning case.