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Compact, lightweight tumble dryer

Text Box: 1.0kg damp clothes capacity
180 minute timer
Viewing window
Safety door interlock
Complete with air extension hose
Lightweight and portable, only 11.5kg
Size: L 495mm X B 360mm X H 510mm



This is a really compact machine. Make sure you always have freshly dried washing with the Compact Tumble Dryer. The British weather can never be guaranteed, so donít wait all day for your washing to dry, The Compact Tumble Dryer can have it done in just 3 hours. Perfect for those small spaces, it is ideal to use in flats where space is at a premium, garages, utility rooms, caravans motorhomes or even boats! So simple to install thereís no need to call out a plumber and with easy instructions for use even a man can do it! With an easy to access filter, regular cleaning can help dry clothes quicker and more efficiently and is the perfect size for those small loads. At just  L 495mm X B 360mm X H 510mm its probably the smallest machine around.


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Awning Rooms


Price: £69.99


 Super compact design yet handles a 3.5 kgs load

 Super lightweight construction

 Quiet twin wash and spin motors

 Self draining pump, pulse action wash, twin timer

 Uses 50% less energy than large machines

 Ideal for small flats, caravans motorhomes and boats

 No assembly required

 No plumbing required

 Gentle and normal wash settings

 Washer and spin dryer

 180w rated power consumption

 220 /240v 50hz


Portable Washing Machine

Clever bit of kit which can save you

having to pack extra clothes

and towels on longer trips.



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