Turn your awning into a conservatory !

Our awning panels are unique to other brands, they are 100% waterproof and let most of the light through yet diffuse enough brightness to reduce dazzle allowing more comfortable use of your awning, even in low sun, The photograph below shows how dazzle from bright sunlight is reduced to more berable levels by the fabric.










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We sell† panels separately so if you just require a side or an end and a side that is perfectly fine. In fact we can build a room to your specification, just give us a call to see what we can do for you!

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We manufacture our panels from a laminate of clear plastic and reinforced mesh. This combination results in a product that is extremely strong and light weight. They can be easily fitted and removed in minutes unlike many traditional heavy awning rooms.

One of best features of our panels is that they do not make our van dark inside. They also allow you see outside if you put your face up to the panel

End panels can be fitted in different positions under your awning they donít have to just go on the end. They are hung by the use of an expanding pole which fits between the awning box and the front edge of the awning case in a similar way to how a rafter bar is fitted


The bottom edges of our panels have eyelets fitted with bungee cord looped through, so they can be securely pegged down to the ground. There is also an eyelet fitted half way up the panels to attach to the leg of your canopy for extra security.

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An awning room can double the usable area of a caravan or motorhome and due to the hardwearing material they are also ideal for motor sports trucks

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Thanks to Gary from www.rogueinteractive.net for this photo.

He full times in his van with his wife and their beautiful Huskies who can feel more at home thanks to one of our rooms

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