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Text Box: Transcool Portable Air Cooling System
If you're looking for an effective, lightweight & compact air cooler, then this is the product for you! Our Transcool EC3F Plus Evaporative Air Cooler plugs into any 12V, 24V or 240V power supply. There are no permanent fittings required making it totally portable and great for use in cars, vans, caravans, campers, boats or tents. Its dry weight is only 1.5KG, enhancing its portability.

It has 4 directional air vents for increased coverage, improving on previous 2 directional models. The fan has a variable speed feature from off to high, you can select any speed in between to suit your needs! Its soft mounting reduces noise for a quieter operation.

This model is supplied with:

1 x Replacement Cooling Pad
1 x External 5L Water Tank
1 x Carry/Storage Bag
1 x Mains Transformer for home use.
The internal 1.8L water tank will provide over 8 hours of cooling on a low fan speed and an external 5L water unit is supplied for longer use, which can provide over 30 hours of cooling. The unit has a low battery cut out feature, which will help to prevent you from completely draining a vehicle battery.

The Cooler is an environmentally friendly option to cooling the air, it can be used with tap water, or should you require an even cooler breeze; ice.
Low speed 0.7 amps / 8 watts per hour
Medium speed 1.3 amps / 16 watts per hour
High speed 1.7 amps / 21 watts per hour

Two year limited warranty (does not include external 5L water tank or cooling pads)

CE certified to comply with European safety standards.

Transcool (or any other 12v evaporative cooler) will not necessarily cool down an entire room to 'x' degrees like a refrigerated split system air conditioner that requires mains power electricity or engine driven compressors to operate.